Modifying pg_dump To Exclude Event Triggers


At $WORK, we have a case where we have implemented an event trigger to prevent customers from dropping an extension. As this extension is part of contrib and normally installed by users, we can’t prevent them from dropping it normally. However, event triggers can only be created by superusers, so a pg_dump of the database creates a dump that can’t be restored by a non-superuser. To solve this, lets implement a custom pg_dump that optionally excludes event triggers.

You can see the following implementation in this diff on my fork of the Postgres repository.

Building a PostgreSQL Extension, Line by Line


I’ve been working on a particular problem - how to offer logical replication for a very large number of Postgres databases, where I don’t have the ability (or capacity) to liaise with the users of the databases one-to-one. In order to mitigate some of the limitations, I wanted to implement a flexible extension to help guard against two of the larger pitfalls - DDL and large objects.

Logical Replication Guardrails


I’ve been working with logical replication in PostgreSQL recently, and I wanted to share a few thoughts on how to implement some guardrails to make things easier on operators.

A Love Letter to Giant Robots


Ah, giant robots. I grew up thinking they are the coolest things ever, and I still do. My first exposure to them was probably through 1994’s BattleTech animated series, where Adam Steiner piloted an AXM-2N Axman, in its frankly ridiculous neon green and purple paint job. And from there, well. I was hooked. Lets explore a little about some history, some of my favourite giant robot media, and even a small work-related thing.



The Shunn manuscript format is a set of guidelines for writers to follow when submitting manuscripts to publishers. It was created by author William Shunn and is widely used in the publishing industry. Here is a brief demonstration of a tool I wrote to facilitate generating manuscripts in this format.